In the period 2010-2013, it is implemented, in Arad, the project named „Integrated solid waste management system in Arad county „, financed by the European Regional Development Fund, with the total budget of over 122 million. European Union ERDF co-financing is 80%, 18% contribution from the state budget and 2% represents local contribution.

Arad is among the first counties in implementing this system and the technology which will be used here is the first of its kind in Romania.

The overall objective is, ultimately, to improve the environment and living conditions.

The first step aims to eliminate waste and accidental deposit of waste by creating facilities for collection, transportation and storage in ecological deponee. Irregular deposits in Arad, Nadlac, Pecica, Santana, Curtici Pâncota, Chişineu Cris, Ineu, Sebiş will be closed and the land will be rehabilitated. In Chişineu Cris, Ineu, Sebiş, Bârzava will be built transfer stations, which will take the waste from a wider area and will load and transport it to Arad ecological deposit.

Another measure is to reduce the amount of waste disposed. Applying European experience in the field, in Arad County will be implemented selective collection of recyclable waste in urban and rural environments. In this purpose it were purchased 3200 metal container of 1100 l, 5300 plastic containers of 1100l, 58,000 euro bins of 240 l. In the purpose of separate collection of biodegradable waste from homes in urban areas (Arad- Area 1, Nădlac, Pecica, Sântana, Pâncota, Ineu, Curtici and Ineu – Area 3), will be distributed 46,500 euro bins of 120 l. Also in this purpose, the transfer station from Ineu will have a unit sorting recyclable waste and a composting of biodegradable waste. A composting station will be built in Arad. Rural households will be equipped with 50,000 individual composting units.

Also, this project includes the purchasing of 17 vehicles for the collection, compaction and transportation of waste and of a mobile grinder for exploitation of construction and demolition waste.

Following the completion of works and purchases financed by this project, Arad will have a waste management system and selective collection according European standards.