Arad Industrial Zone

The Arad Industrial Zone has been built in 1998 as part of the Arad Economic Development Zone.

It expanded on both axes of the town, currently having four platforms. The Industrial Zone is designed for industrial and commercial activities, services and storage as well as lodging services.

 Industrial Area West – has a surface area of150 ha and is located on the North-Western platform, within the city limits.

Access: road DN 7 / E 68 Bucharest – Deva – Arad – Budapest – Vienna;

Infrastructure: direct access to the European road E68 and the ring roads of Arad, collector road, internal roads with modern clothing: 3,1 km, low pressure gas supply (2,200 Nmc / h): 3.8 km, gravity drainage: 5.2 km, sewage pressure: 4.7 k,• water sewage: 4.6 km, power supply (20 kV, 8 MW installed capacity): 14.3 km, water tank for fire fighting.

 Eastern Industrial Zone – Was established in 2002 , the surface area is 20 ha and is located within the city limits on the eastern platform of the city.

Access: DN 7/E68 highway Bucharest – Deva – Arad – Budapest – Vienna

The infrastructure consists of : internal roads with modern clothing: 0.3 km, low pressure gas supply (2,500 Nmc / h), gravity drainage: 0.4 km, sewage gravity: 0.7 km, water sewage: 0.4 km, power supply (0.4 KV, 630 KVA installed): 0.4 km.

 North Industrial Area – established in 2004 it has 110 ha on the northern platform of the city

Access: access to the city ring road DN 7 / E68 Bucharest – Deva – Arad – Budapest – Vienna and DN 69 / E671 Timisoara – Arad – Oradea;

Infrastructure: gas network, water network, electricity grids, collector road;

 Industrial Area South / Zădăreni  – established in 2004 on the southern platform of the city, it has 150 ha

Access: 1.2 km from the national road DN 69/E671 Timisoara – Arad – Oradea;

Infrastructure: 110 kV electricity network, pool collector, feasibility studies (water supply, natural gas, sewerage, electricity);