As always at the beginning of October we are together, because “together” represents our faith in God and because this university being built together over the years, is a prestigious institution of higher education, a strong institution, based on the fundamental aspiration of our entire academic community to build in Arad an institution of higher education quality in spite of overt obstructions, even ostentatious, sometimes. We are convinced that God is above us all and only God has made the „miracle” called the University „Aurel Vlaicu”. Why „miracle”? Because the University „Aurel Vlaicu” currently has an impressive material basis: 45.516 m2, a professional staff of high professionalism, the Council ARACIS has granted our university „high confidence”, on no conditions, without monitoring for 5 years.

Short History

The „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad is a state higher education institution, accredited and acknowledged by ARACIS as presenting a „high degree of confidence”, continuing the tradition of university education in the Arad area which started with the:

Theology Institute (1822),

The Livestock and Veterinary Medicine Faculty (1947),

The Engineering Institute (1972).

The University „Aurel Vlaicu” has developed, year after year, new specializations, with new faculties, which meet the terms of quality standards. The academic year 2010/2011 marks the establishment of the Faculty of Design and the specializations: psychology, computer science, economics, marketing, and fashion and fashion design. Thus the beginning of academic year UAV has: 38 specialties license, 27 Master programs, field IOSUD (Institution organizing PhD studies) in Philology, 12 departments.

A fundamental dimension of higher education is the scientific research. In the 2008-2009 academic year scientific research has accelerated in comparison with previous years. It can be underlined that in 2008 UAV submitted in 9 international research projects and 7 national research projects. Of these, 8 international projects and 5 international projects have won.

Brief description of Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad

Type: State University/Accredited (Rate granted ARACIS: high confidence)
1972 (institute)/ 1990 (university)
Prof. Dr. Lizica Mihut
Total number of students:
over 15 000
Number of teachers:
Number of faculties:
9 (with 38 specializations license, 29 master programs and 2 doctoral fields);
Number of departments:
Number of institutes:
Floor area of education:
45,516 m2

„Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad is a distinct academic community functioning under the provisions of the Romanian Constitution, of the laws and regulations applied to the educational system. UAV follows and promotes the European conventions regarding higher education.

The University benefits from a highly trained academic staff and high quality endowments for didactic and scientific activities. The University is structured now in 9 Faculties and 12 Departments, having more than: 15.394 students; 477 academic staff, over 45.516 m2 of educational premises, course and seminar halls, computerized laboratories with last generation technology.

The Academic Curricula, for all the Faculties are connected with European Credits Transfer System (ECTS) since 1999, so that Diplomas as well as periods of study may be recognized all over EU. Through Erasmus/LLP Programme the students can attend, for a period of time, the courses of another university in our country or abroad. The University guarantees full academic recognition for all Erasmus students that take part in the mobility programme.

Research at Aurel Vlaicu University (AVU)

In AVU of Arad there is a number of research fields with high achievements and excellent international recognition of the involved scientists. This aspect is due to the fact that a particular attention was paid to the development of high performance infrastructure on one side and the management is oriented towards planning top scientific research topics, identification of student potential in research and attraction of Romanian researcher from Diaspora on the other.

At the same time, a particular attention is paid to adapting the university management towards an active support of fundamental research as well as the research with direct applications in industry and economic field. To support the research, AVU has strengthened the international relationships and intensified the cooperation and research partnerships at the national and also international level.  By all these actions it was attained an increase in the university international visibility, activation of the academic mobility process and attraction of funds via projects in partnership with renowned universities from Europe, USA and Asia, elevation of the number of publications, research articles in highly ranked journals by over 3 times as compared to previous years, books, multiplication of patent number, organization of a higher number of internationally relevant scientific events.

As a consequence of the conjugated support actions for research stimulation, starting 2008, the scientific research activity recorded an unprecedented intensification. In 2008, AVU was successful within national and international grant competitions, obtaining 8 international and 5 national projects, the total amount of money reaching 2.027.202 RON for national projects and 52.350 RON for international projects.

Presently, AVU is carrying on a number of 6 international project and 5 national projects. Noteworthy to be mentioned are: a) the research project financed by European Union within the 7th Frame Program, entitled “Folate-based nanobiodevices for integrated diagnosis/therapy, targeting chronic inflammatory diseases – NANOFOL” in which Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad is a partner in a consortium of 13 universities and institutes of high prestige; b) POSCCE project co-financed by EU entitled „Liberian plants-regenerable strategic resources for European economy” in a value of 2 mil. Euro, which started the development of an ample research of international relevance in the field of textile industry; c) EU project-Marie Curie in the field of biological mass spectrometry which will be the facilitator of collaboration and know-how exchange between AVU and renowned laboratories from Europe and USA.

Concerning the international visibility as well as the dissemination of the scientific results in 2010 were published: 26 ISI-indexed articles of a cumulative factor of 61,487, 5 articles indexed in international databases, 95 papers in prestigious ISI-proceedings of international conferences, 60 articles published in B+ CNCSIS category, 20 articles in B CNCSIS category, 75 books representing 16616 pages published at national publishing houses such as the prestigious Romanian Academy Publishing House, of publishing houses recognized by CNCSIS, 8 books (1191 pages) were also published at prominent international publishing houses, and 2 patents/products with intellectual rights were obtained.

This way, the university appears now as a powerful institution of high international visibility at academic and scientific level as well as a reliable partner at the national and international level, an aspect confirmed also by the series of new collaborations and partnerships initiated the last year.

A consequence and proof of AVU international reputation was the organization of three editions of the international symposium Research and Education in Innovation Era” and two editions of the International Conference of the Romanian Society for Mass Spectrometry (RSMS). In 2010, the international symposium Research and Education in Innovation Era” divided in 8 different scientific sessions was attended by professors and scientists from numerous European countries such as:  Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Hungary, and Moldova. The second RSMS Conference, held in 2010 was attended by distinguished scientists in field of mass spectrometry from 15 European countries and USA.

Currently, AVU holds the presidency of the Romanian Society for Mass Spectrometry being involved in many projects in the field of mass spectrometry, through its laboratories and the Research Center in Mass Spectrometry of high international visibility. The Center is represented by 10 scientists. In the last 4 years, the Center won 2 international projects and 4 national grants, published over 30 articles in ISI-cited journals of impact factors between 2 and 6, edited a book Mass Spectrometry in Life Safety at Springer Verlag,

Germany, had about 70 contributions (plenary, invited, contributed oral presentations or posters) at international conferences held in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, USA, Israel and won 4 international prizes.

The research activity of the AVU Technological and Business Incubator is also highly appreciated at the national and international level. Thus, the Incubator is a member of the Board of Romanian Association for Technological Transfer — AroTT, a professional organization of the units specialized on innovation, technological transfer, non-governmental and non-profit. Recently, within the International Exhibition held in Bucharest, the director of UAV – IT Incubator was elected as one of the three regional vice-presidents of the AroTT.