The airport has a Cargo Terminal, stretching over 2,700 sqm in the vicinity of the airport and the Free Trade Zone, and may play an important role in the commodities exchange between Western Europe and Middle East.
The Cargo Terminal can work with two airplanes simultaneously (one C class airplane and one D class) through four cargo gates by 32 small and medium trucks and through 13 gates by five large cargo trucks on a total area of 8500sqm.
The capacity of the cargo terminal is 300t for the storage area and 50 additional tones a day for departure and arrival bringing it to a total of 100t a day. The room for storage, weighing and customs operations has a 700t storage capacity and a handling capacity of 300t/day.
The existing rooms and facilities provide services such as: freezer storage rooms (-180 C), cold rooms (+40C), livestock area, storage space for postal services, hazardous materials, construction materials, offices, weighing and labelling.
The ancillary building includes offices for the auto transport companies operating on site. The main cargo operator on our airport is DHL who operates on the Budapest-Arad-Budapest route.