As a culture public institution, The Arad County Cultural Center covers a wide range of domains: from contemporary art to traditional art, both supported and valued by tourism.  From its establishment until now, the Arad County Cultural Center has become one of the most important actors of cultural life for the communities of  the Arad county. The institution has  a double vocation:

– Programs, projects and mainly cultural and tourism actions initiator;

– Interface between the financing body of the programs / projects and cultural, educational, tourism, sports and youth actions, namely the Arad County Council who acts as co-coordinator with legally appointed attributions in culture and tourism – and the public or private entities from the city and county of Arad. Institution financed by the Arad County Council, the Cultural Center represents today an important milestone in the cultural life of the Arad County  and not only.

The Arad County Cultural Center is the only public institution to cover the county, concerned by keeping a balance between urban and rural cultural activity. Here are some examples of the most representative projects and events that have passed that test of time in the fled of “traditional culture”: inter-county festival of popular song and dances from Zarand, The  Crafts Fair and Folk costumes Parade from Moneasa, The Mountain Gaina Fair, The Folk Festival “La izvor de cant si dor” in Lipova, the Mountain People’s Fair from Vasoaia and others.

Visual arts are illustrated by an event of international stature that scored Arad on European and world cultural map: Biennial of Contemporary Arts. Culture events are represented by the International Festival of Literature “Dorel Sibi”, organized by the prestigious culture magazine “Arca”.

Performing arts consistently supported by the Arad County Cultural Center successfully promote interculturalism through events such as “Festival of  the Minorities”, “Days of the Serbian Culture”, “Days of the Hungarian Culture” or the very well known International Festival of Francophone Theatre organized in collaboration with the Amifran Association.

Under the patronage of the Arad County Council, some events are worth to be mentioned: “1st of December – The National Day of Romania”, “9th of May – Europe’s Day,” “The celebration of the Paulis Heroes”, “The Celebration of the December 89 Revolution Heroes”, but also actions rewarding talent, creativity or performance – annual awards of the CCJA, annual awards of the Writers Union of Romania and the Union of Artists – Arad branch.

Since 2008, the Center has started new projects following a strategic direction “long life artistic education”, namely: The complex programme  “The Days of the Arad County Culture” with the subproject “Summer School” for young people with vocational skills from the county communities: – Chişineu Cris, Curtici Ineu Lipova, Nadlac, Pecica, Santana, Sebiş, Pâncota. The programme went on with the organization of some camps: the Bata painting camp, the Moneasa choreography and popular dance camp, the Săvârşin literary camp for young writers.

A revival of the community cultural centers has been simultaneously achieved that led to the initiation of another successful program “The Cultural Citadel of the Arad County” in progress for about 4 years.

Wide range of activities and projects included in the axes “education and health”, establishment of the local anti-drug network in the Arad County (Pro Prietenia Foundation), “Donate blood – give life” (Arad Blood Center);

Under the chapter “youth activities” fall the projects: “Young people and volunteering” (Condor Club Arad), “Connecting Culture – Building Europe”, “Branding Europe – Celebrating Diversity” (Association “Ofensiva Tinerilor”).