Digital Museum of Pecica

On the right bank of the Mures river, at a 25 km distance of Hungarian border, into an area with history and tradition, it was inaugurated in October 2013 the first permanent digital museum in Romania. Thsi project of the architect Claudiu Ionescu, is a bold and original identity materialization area, already a built-statement, an object with symbolic value for the city and its surroundings.

Having the first digital museum is an honnor the city of Arad who was only a few years ago … a large community. Now is a building that steals your eyes and has multiple functions.

“The whole concept of the building is based on the idea of space and cost efficency. One major benefit for the museum is that being a digital one, it can host any kind of presentation, exhibition or exhibition and visitors can efficiently inform about the environment, traditions and history. All theese without the need of an exhibition area of thousands of square meters, more staff supervision or additional maintenance costs “, sais the architect, Claudiu Ionescu presenting he concept.

Inside the building you will find the new generation technology. What is thi good for? Visitors can explore, according to responsible of the building, every museum in the world. And it won’t stop here: the museum can host any kind of presentation, exhibition or show, despite the size of the space.

The Pecica town Mayor Petru Antal says that the Information Center for tourists operates daily. “We have weekly dozens, maybe even hundreds of tourists visiting. The center is equipped with 60 bicycles, which can be used for free by the visitors to make excursions to monasteries or on the Meadow of Mures river”.