Project Value: 139,592,104 EUR

General description of the project’s physical objective

 The measure consists in investments for drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment.  The regional operator, “S.C Compania de Apă Arad S. A ” will implement the measure for municipalities: Arad, Fântânele, Curtici , Macea, Santana, Şiria, Galşa, Ghioroc, Cuvin, Miniş, Păuliş, Ineu, Pecica, Pâncota, Nădlac and Lipova.

The project proposes the rehabilitation of the systems for the water supply and treatment and the collection and sewage treatment in the above localities, in order to observe regulations pertaining to water in the Accession Treaty and the Sectorial Operational Program for Environment.

Mainly, the project consists of rehabilitation measures for the retention pools, water treatment plants and water distribution pipes, expansion and rehabilitation of the distribution network, including pump stations, tank rehabilitation, expansion and rehabilitation of the sewage network, including pumping stations and construction and modernization of seven wastewater treatment plants.

The rate of connection to the sewer system will rise up to 96% in agglomerations concerned, allowing connection of 69,894 inhabitants to the sewage system.

98% of the people in these clusters will be connected to the drinking water supply, thus having access to safe sources of water, allowing the connection of 14,352 in addition to a secure drinking water supply.The goods financed within the project will be operated locally by the beneficiary.

 Technical description of the investment on infrastructure
The following components are included in the project:

– Rehabilitation: retention pools, water main pipeline,  chlorination station, reservoirs and pumping stations, expansion and rehabilitation of distribution network, sewer extension, including pumping stations from Ghioroc and also from its villages Cuvin and Minis;

– Rehabilitation of the well fields, treatment plants, reservoirs and pumping stations, expansion and rehabilitation of distribution network,  water main pipeline rehabilitation, expansion, including pumping stations and rehabilitation of the sewerage from Ineu;