General informations


Education system consists of 149 schools of all grades. Of these 39 are high-schools, 21 kindergartens, two primary schools, 83 common schools, a post-secondary school and three special schools.

Students study international languages, starting with elementary school​​: English, German and French. After elementary school, they have the option to learn these languages ​​in over 30 schools throughout the county of Arad.

These units with legal personality have 325 subordinated structures (units without legal personality).

There are other education related organizations that operate in Arad County:

– County School Inspectorate
– Teachers House
– County Resource Center and Educational Support
– Children’s Palace
– 3 children’s clubs

These units, with legal personality, have three subordinated structures (units without legal personality).

Hungarian, German and Slovak ethnic minorities have the opportunity to study in their respective languages in schools in Arad and in another 76 administrative-territorial unit in the county.

All high schools and common schools centers have Internet access and are equipped with computers and training programs for students.

The number of graduates from high school in school year 2010-2011, was 4.486, and the main qualifications are:

– Technician in economic activities
– Environmental and environmental quality protection technician
– Computer technician
– Technician mecatronist
– Technician in transport
– Wiring Technician
– Mechanical Technician for maintenance and repairs
– Technician in tourism
– Telecommunications Technician
– Word processing operator technician / image
– Automation Technician
– Designer CAD Technician
– Administrative Technician
And specializations:
– Mathematics-Informatics
– philology

Five schools provide vocational education organized as regular or evening classes.

The number of children and pupils in state university tuition plan proposed by school year 2011 – 2012 is 69,236.

The number of teaching positions in pre-university education in the school year 2011-2012, is 4772.75.

Arad County has two universities which have over 16,000 students each.