The city of Pâncota has an industrial site located in the Liberty Square with an area of ​​19 ha, of which 7 ha are available.
The utilities available to investors are: water, sewer, electricity, gas, paved roads and sanitation.
Investors of the industrial site are: Elektorkontakt Romania, Genagricola, Vignadoro, Intermedutilaj, Silko Shoes.
Sebiş city has three industrial sites, and the available area is about 28 ha.
The utilities provided are: water, sewer, electricity and road access.
Nădlac city has an industrial area included in the GUP, riparian to the road linking National Road 7 and Highway Nădlac – Arad and has an area of ​​28 ha.
The utilities provided are: water, electricity and gas.
Ineu city has an industrial zone in the south of the city, totaling 187 ha, which can be extended by a further 55 ha.
There are three major investors: Rompac Ltd, Delphi Packard Romania, Incontro Estate.
Main utilities are: the city railway station is 2.5 km from the area of ​​interest, the proposed access road for infrastructure investment is ready for heavy trucks, electricity and water.
The City of Sântana has an industrial platform since 2008.
The industrial site is located 3 km outside of Sântana, and has a total area of ​​30 ha, of which 15 ha are currently filled.
The industrial site has the following utilities: access to DJ 792, gas and electricity.
The city of Pecica has 3 industrial sites of which two in Pecica city, with a total area of ​​approximately 50 ha and one in the village of Turnu, with approximate area of ​​10 ha.
Pecica industrial sites have all the utilities, the village of Turnu only has electricity.

Industrial area of ​​Lipova has now ​​12.5 ha and it is located in the outskirts of Lipova city, on the left side of the river Mureş, close to the city wastewater treatment plant.
The utilities available are: water network, electricity and telephone.