Moneasa Resort

A resort for every season, lying at the feet of Codru Moma Mountains, Moneasa is at 110 km away from Arad.Access from Arad on road is on county road 709 via Şiria, from Seleus on 792 and from Sebis on 792B road.
Sheltered in the deep valley of Moneasa Stream, at only 280 m altitude, surrounded by peaks 700-1000 m high, the resort lies in the middle of the locality bearing the same name, on the territory of the Moneasa Reserve– that includes caves (the Bats’ Cave, the Bears’ Cavern, the Water Mill Cave), avens (Teia, at the quarry, on the Feredeu Ridge), karstic springs (Milky Stone), and other specific phenomena.
The natural therapeutic factors are mainly the hypothermal mineral springs (with approximate temperatures of 25o C, dicarbonated, sodium-based, hypotone).  The strongly ionized air due to the lush beech forests has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. The climate with mild winters and pleasant summers has a fortifying and sparing effect. Therefore, the resort is recommended to visitors with high blood pressure, mild heart disorders, asthenic neurosis, minor psychiatric conditions and rheumatism.

Known and probably used since the Turkish occupation, the thermal springs started to be popular only in the 19th century. On May 13th 1886, Moneasa was granted the “resort” status and in 1891, its domain became the property of baron Wenckheim Friedrich who built a treatment center over the hottest springs. In the same period several villas were built that still lend an Imperial flavor to the resort.

Today, Moneasa offers accomodation in hotels, villas, lodges and boarding houses; it has two modern treatment centers, round the clock medical care, fittness rooms, a show space and conference rooms. Camping sites and sport grounds have been built. There is a sports center with a football field, handball, basketball and tennis courts.

Many well-marked tourist itineraries towards the surrounding sights start from the resort leading to: caves, trout lakes, the red marble quarry, Dezna fortress.

The tourist activity in the area has a wealth of traditions as it was set up by one of the most active promoters of tourism in the Apuseni Mountains, Czaran Gyula (1847 – 1906), who lived and worked to the end of his life in Moneasa. He designed and built some of the alleys in the resort and traced the path that leads to Dezna fortress (yellow strip). The tourist societies from Arad have taken up and developed the activity of this pioneer.

The hot water swimming pools and the summer theater, the lake with hydrobikes, the possibility to be on a trip in every season (most of the marked routes are accessible in winter too), the sleighing and skiing slopes, recommend Moneasa as an all-season resort.
The swimming pool schedule:  Monday – Sunday 09:00 to 19:00 (1 may – 1 octomber) .

There are three pools available,with a depth form 0.9 meters to 1.9 meters.

All three pools are filled with thermal water (temperature 23 degrees C) tourists can have of showers, exchange booth, beach chairs, terraces and playgrounds for childrens.
There are also 15 bungalow houses.


Tourstic attractions surounding the resort :


– Mountain top &  Izoi Cottage from Codru Moma mountains that reaches 1097 meters. Ridge trail, blue tape marking, length 9 km, travel time 4 – 5 hours, level difference 810 m.
From the center of Moneasa we have to follow the marking to the Creasta Feredeu with a descent steep, then we have to go down into a valley marked by the water tank building. For the next 15 minuts we will have to climb util, on the left side, we will see the black hole of Aven Izoiu Mare. Then we have to follow the blue mark until we see the Izoi former weather chalet, nowadays transformed into a tourist chalet (altitude 703 m).

Then we have to follow the forest road through the back of the cotteage (south direction – also following the red mark) until we arrive at the top of the Izoi Mountain (1098 meters), which is considered the highest mountain from this area.

– The „Piatra cu Lapte” spring – located at 20 minutes distance from Moneasa

– The ski slope for beginers, have a total lenght of 300 meters. Due to the reduced inclination, the „Moneasa” ski slope is very popular among children

 The „Dezna`s” Castle Ruins, located on „Ozoiu” hill from Dezna village, at 7 kilometers from Moneasa. Built in the XIII th Century, the Castle had a defensive role for West Transilvania. Nowadays in Dezna village we can find The „Floria-Tour” (touristic attraction) , The Dezna`s School Camp (very popular in the summer) and the Neuro-Physiotherapy Hospital well knowned in the whole region. The touristic potential of Dezna is extraordinary. The tourists can also explore The Orthodox Church, a neoclassical castle (XIX Century), the ruins of an iron smelter from „Raschirata” , The „Zugău” Valley, The „Măgura Diecilor” hill.


 The Bats Cave,  located at one hour (walking distance) from Moneasa,  decorated with stalagmites and stalactites of various sizes. From here springs a small river, which pass through the Moneasa Resort. The cave is very beautiful and is carved in black limestone.

Features: blue mark, length 3 km, duration 60 minutes, altitude 150 m.

We are leaving from the center of Moneasa down the aleey through the bridge. Once we reached the road indicator we must turn left. After a short climb, the road turns to right and became rough. Then in about 150 meters we`ll arrive at the Bats Cave ( 370 meters altitude)

The Bears Cave, is a set of deep holes formed from natural erosion of rocks, under the action of water infiltration, which can be reached within 30 minutes (walking) from the Moneasa





The Black and Red marble quarry: is remarkable by modern methods of mining the rock and by its quality, but also by an especially impressive landscape given by the great front in stage. The black and red marble are exploited at the base and top of the quarry. Here were discovered during the operation several caves, today sadly destroyed or inaccessible.



The Water Lilies Reserve  , represent the major touristic attraction in summer season. The tourists can enjoy a very nice boat trip on the lake.

The Laurel Reserve, from the „Zimbru” village is about 30 kilometers away from Moneasa and has an area of ​​32.2 ha. It was declared a reserve in 1933, beeing the only place in the country where the laurel (- Ilex aquifolium) vegetate . This laurel glade is located in the middle of a beech, hornbeam, oak, maple and elm forest (82,6 ha).

The Dacian Silver Treasure, located in „Gura Văii” village ( DN 79A – road )