The Chamber of Commerce of Arad has been founded in 1871. As an institution that wished to polarize the whole economic life of the region, one of the priorities of the Chamber was the organization of fairs and exhibitions. Thus, in 1925, the Chamber of Commerce of Arad organized, according to the high standards of the famous fairs of that time, a general fair named „The Arad Sample Fair”.

After its refoundation in 1990, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Arad, together with the Arad City Hall organized the first fair, an automn fair for consumers goods, followed  in 1991 with the establishment of a specialized department for organizing fairs end exhibitions.

In 1993, the Chamber of Commerce of Arad invested in an exhibitional structure and started to organize thematic exhibitions.

In 2002, with own financial resources, the Chamber of Commerce built its first exhibition pavilion with an area of 1500 square meters.

In 2002 the second exhibition pavilion has been inaugurated, built with European Phare CBC 2002 fonds, after which the inner area has been enlarged, reaching over 3000 square meters, and the outer one over 12000 square meters.

Starting with the month of September of the year 2010, The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Arad runs the AB-Expo project within the HURO 2007-2013 Cross Border Cooperation Programme through which the exhibitional complex Expo Arad International will be enlarged with a new conference center.

The extension of the exhibitional complex with the new center offers the possibility of organizing major events, hosting simultaneosly exhibitions, conferences, business meetings and other actions, with results positively reflected on the Arad economic environment.

Starting with the year 2004 CCIA ARAD, through its fairs and exhibitions department, Expo Arad International, became a full member in the CENTREX association. CENTREX International Exhibition Statistics Union – is the top organization in the exhibition industry in the Central and Eastern Europe, not only for providing transparency, real market value of the exhibition statistics, but also for promoting exhibitions as an excellent market instrument. The Arad Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, member of the Centrex Union, is one of the first three organizers in Romania to be found in the European list of audited events, with the international fairs Agromalim and Ar-Medica.

After more than 20 years of experience, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Arad offers to the economic environment one of the most performant and modern exhibitional areas of Romania- Expo Arad International- according to the European standards.