Arad Airport is very close to the city, only 4 km, compared to other airports, making the transfer easy and fast and the cost of transportation affordable

Its geographical position is: 21 15 14 East, 43 10 35 North, at 106 meters above sea level, having a total surface of 157 hectares.

 Passenger terminal and technical details

 The airport is open for cargo and passenger traffic, both domestic and international, 24 hours a day, same as the customs services. We have one of the best runways in the country, 2000 x 45m on the East-West direction. The runway is endowed with a modern lightning system produced by IDMAN, consisting of marginal and axial light, threshold lights and approach lights on both directions. The runway strength is 41 RWCT. Arad Airport has CAT 6 IACO rescue and fire-fighting

Arad Airport offers de-icing services with type 2 Kilfrost liquid and refuelling with JET A-1 and AVGAS 100 LL.Arad Airport is endowed with: a plow to clean the runway of snow, baggage conveyor belts, ground power unit, a high-loader, baggage tractor, airplane passenger stairs etc

Airport security control is performed with state of the art equipment: X-ray scanners and walk-in metal detector gates.

As concerns the navigation means, the airport has the best technical conditions, having ILS landing systems on both directions (ILS category II on direction 27) and automatic weather station.

Arad Airport has a small but charming terminal, with a processing capacity of 200 pax/hour on separate flows, VIP room, restaurant and secure parking. Because of its geographical position and its technical endowers, Arad Airport has all the chances of becoming a favorite airport of the low cost companies.

Development program

 For the near future, several investments regarding the improvement of the infrastructure are planned:

•           The extension of the runway;

•           The terminal will be extended in order to raise the passenger flow;

•           The apron will be extended at 20.000 sqm.