The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone is the only free trade zone located in the western part of the country, on an European corridor, close to four border customs centers.

It lies on an area of 90 hectares and is made up of two platforms:

Curtici Platform, located near the town of Curtici (the most important railway junction which links the East to the West on the main railway line Paris-Istanbul), 15 km away from Arad city;

Airport Platform, located near the Arad International Airport and Cargo Terminal.

Highly developed infrastructure

The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone offers its users a highly developed infrastructure consisting of: drinking water supply system, power supply system, rainwater drainage system, sewage system, telecommunication network, internet, outdoor illumination, road network, roads for high-tonnage trucks and access to national roads. Furthermore, the Arad International Airport, near which the Airport Platform of Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone lies, provides the operators in the Free Trade Zones with a modern Cargo terminal, service platform and parking spaces for heavy traffic as well as with access to the cargo aircrafts service platform.

Favorable location

The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone favorable location ensures quick and easy access to almost all existing ways of transport: railway, motorway and airway:  Curtici city is the most important railway junction linking the East to the West.  Arad city is linked to the town of Curtici by a double electrified railway. Arad city is linked to Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone by a county road, which ensures a quick and easy transport. Once in Arad, two trans-European roads link Romania to Western Europe. The Curtici Arad Free Zone can also be accessed by airway, using the Arad International Airport. The airport has a 2,000 meter long and 45 meter wide concrete take-off/landing zone with a 27 tons weight capacity. This permits totally secure and modern passenger and cargo traffic. The Arad Airport finished building a modern Cargo Terminal for heavy traffic, with service platforms and parking spaces as well as well as with access to the cargo aircraft service platform. The investment is financed through PHARE programme.

Business opportunities

With a total area of 90 hectares, the Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone offers its future investors, by means of public tenders organized regularly, greenfield lands suitable for developing any type of investment project. The land may be given in concession for a period of 49 years, with the possibility of extending this period, or may be rented for periods from 1 month to 5 years, with the possibility of extending the period. Following the high number of requests for warehouses and storage spaces, the Administration of Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone designed and built a 318 square meter metal warehouse and a 947 square meter paved platform, meant for renting. Both the warehouse and the paved platform provide optimal storing conditions and are suitable for storing almost all kind of goods and wares. Furthermore, the Administration of Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone owns some modular offices of medium size built right at the entrance of the Free Trade Zone and which are meant for renting by the interested economic agents. The Free Trade Zone land lies close by the railway, motorway and airway and is provided with all utilities needed for carrying on in optimal conditions of all types of activities: drinking water, sewerage, electric power, illumination, telecommunications and internet etc.

The tariffs practiced by the Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone, both for concession and renting, are established by decision of the Board of Directors of the Administration of the Free Trade Zone considering several factors so as to give to future investors the possibility of setting up a business under advantageous conditions.