The Water Tower

Urban Development that Arad had in the nineteenth century contributed to the practical transformation of a medieval city into a modern one. Most of the buildings conceived in this period were built in neoclassical style, eclectic or secession style, which gives the city a particularly compact architecture. Town center polarized majority of urban functions: most apartments, the most important commercial facilities, cultural, health, administrative, educational, etc.

In this context, in the center appears an architectural area that the citizens named ” The Firefighter Square”, a name that remained till nowadays. This name was given because in that area was the Civilian Volunteer Firefighters Headquarters unit in Arad, established since 1835, and especially due to the existence of the Chapel of St. Florian, patron of firefighters.

Here, in the second half of the last century, the city administration decides to raise a very important building for village life, an edifice in memory of the citizens of Arad that is known as the “Water Tower”. The tower was built to supply water to the rapidly growing city and to alert in case of a fire rapid intervention teams municipal firefighters.

The tower measures 35 m height and was opened in 1896. The building completes the architectural style of the town eclectic or secession. The tower is a solid stone and brick building and impresses with its massiveness and height.

It is characterized by decorated the balconies and windows. Also, bystanders remain impressed by the decorations from the bottom register with a rich and varied architectural fantasy.