Established in 1990, accredited in 2002, and having as patron the historical figure of Vasile Goldis, the ideologist of the Great Union in December 1, 1918, Western University of Arad “Vasile Goldis” is included in the “European Higher Education Area”, being a signatory to the “Magna Charter Universitatum” in Bologna.

In 2009,  “Vasile Goldis” West University of Arad, institution guaranteed by the romanian state, obtained the maximum rating „high trust”, awarded by the Romanian Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance – ARACIS.

Curricula of both universities, the academic studies of masters and doctoral programs are a guarantee for the practice of teaching specific skills focused on careers in demand leading national and European labor market but also for personal development of the students.

Under the aegis of the Senate, the integration of scientific research with university education and professional practice is ensured by increasing the quality of academic activity in a multidisciplinary dimension, competitive and multicultural, held in genuine scientific research laboratories and scientific training: Life Sciences Institute, Center for pedagogical advice PLUSEGO, Technology and Business Incubator GOLDTECH ITA, Centre for social research and public opinion polling, the French Cultural Center, Center for Jewish Studies, Romanian-Brazilian Center, Italian Cultural Center, Center for German Studies „Fr. Schiller „, “Tudor Arghezi” Literature Research Center, Research Center of History and Literary Theory „Ioan Slavici”, International Linguistics Testing Center.

Macea University Botanical Garden, with an area of 21.5 ha, is a scientific collection which includes more than 2,300 taxa. Dendro-botanical collection is completed by the Botanic Garden Museum, Museum of Hunting and the Ethnography Museum.

“Vasile Goldis” West University of Arad will continuously develop the publishing dimension, will promote science and culture in the knowledge society through: Arad Academic Days (yearly organized and structured in sections / faculties), Vasile Goldis University Press, Central University Library “Tudor Arghezi”, CNCS accredited scientific journals indexed in international databases (Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldis” – Series of Life Sciences, Economic Sciences Series, Series of  Engineering Sciences and Tourism, Science and Cultural Studies, Society and Politics).

Over half a century ago, Vasile Goldis postulated the European dimension, the European United States image – is made ​​by „Vasile Goldis” West University through: Center for European Integration and Training, initiating and organizing, since 1999, Euroregional Conferences DKMT (Danube-Cris-Mures-Tisa Euroregion) initiating and organizing, since 2009, Euroregional Conferences EUCD (Unconventional Energies in the Carpathian and Danubian Area), international programs such as IPA, PIN-MATRA, SECAL, IAD, PLANTA LIFE EUROPE INTERREG, Vivid, PHARE, PHARE ESC, COST, CBC RO-HU 2007-2013, HRD, POSMEDIU, ERASMUS, and publication of numerous monographs on the European scale of forerunners.

Today, “Vasile Goldis” West University is a full member of the European University Association EUA, the Danubian University Association, Association of Transcarpathian Universities, European Consortium „Carolus Magnus”- consortium with the Universities of Tübingen – Hohenheim region in Germany, Medical and Social Consortium del Borsodi in Hungary, the Euromediterranean Academic Forum and  owns the Vice – presidency of European Federation of Higher Education Schools – F.E.D.E., participatory body of the Council of Europe.

With a total of over 16.000 students, graduate and doctoral students, with over 50.000 alumni, the University is a founding member of Accredited Private Universities Union of Romania.

Due to the European system of transferable study credits, students, master and doctoral students benefit from the chance o f mobility both in country and abroad.

With a body of elite academic, teaching and research infrastructure at European standards, “Vasile Goldis” West University educational offer meets all requirements, offering a chance for a full affirmation on a globalized labor market.